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Practice Presence™ Online Course


Reduce stress and find clarity.

Practice Presence™ is our six-week introduction to mindfulness program designed to help you cultivate greater self-awareness and presence, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being. 

Dates: To be announced 
Time: Tuesday evenings 6:00pm - 7:00pm NZ Time // 8:00am - 9:00am Amsterdam Time
Location: ONLINE 

REMiND empowers people with the tools to train their minds. We teach people of all different ages and stages how to care for themselves in a practical and compassionate way. Think of it as fitness for the mind and heart: it’s training which we can do for ourselves. In the same way you would go for a walk to stretch your legs, we can do the same with our minds.

After completing Practice Presence™, you will:

- Reduce your stress and anxiety

- Become more present

- Make better decisions

- Build stronger relationships

- Perform better at work

- Improve emotional regulation 

- Increase your social confidence  

- Have greater self-worth

- Increased your energy

- Get better sleep



Over six weeks, we dive into the science behind mental fitness, the functionality of the mind and how we can rewire our brains. We lead you through exercises around values, gratitude, self-appreciation and positive thinking which contributes to our overall mental fitness. 

This isn’t about getting enlightened, it’s about learning to engage in your life with clarity, kindness, and balance. You’ll get a workbook full of juicy material to make your way through, and gain access to the REMiND community page, where you can connect and share with other students.

Whats included:

- 6 x online weekly lessons
- An 85 page workbook with activites
- 6 x exclusive podcasts
- Meditations to listen to outside of class 



Ursula Griffen

Ursula found meditation at 18 years old. Since then she has been learning from teachers globally and sharing with people in her community. She works to reconnect people through the practice of mindfulness and regeneration. Her studies in Ecology along with her experience in Media and Marketing has led to the development of a unique skill set - the application of natural systems thinking in modern businesses and brands. Ursula sees mindfulness and compassion to be a key tool in regenerating our ecosystems. 

Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of people and contributing to a more healthy and sustainable community. Her mindfulness exploration started with a personal journey, and since then has been trained as a teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion, Making Friends with Yourself, and .b curriculum. Charlotte also completed her Master’s degree, researching mindfulness into the educational context, and continues to research and facilitate mindfulness for the modern context. Charlotte has connected and taught mindfulness to many people and cultures across the world.

Clients + Partners


“Amazing course. Well researched and equally well presented. Combined science and emotion to perfection, in a way that is accessible to everyone. Very warm environment conducive to learning and focusing on ones well-being without the usual stress of feeling judged or self-conscious. 10/10 highly recommend.” 

- Sam Dodd

“This course was highly informative, with the right balance of information to apply to every aspect of your life. They have completely opened my mind to the practice of mindfulness, allowing me to think clearer, feel good about myself and appreciate life less busily.”

- Kelly Cameron

“Ursula and Charlotte work together beautifully to demonstrate how everyone can incorporate the practice into our everyday lives to be more mindful, self-compassionate and happier. Explaining why our brains are the way they are and how these practices can help set their course apart from any other. Thank you so much for having me.”

- Anna Boggiss

"Practice Presence approaches mindfulness with a conscious balance of scientific and spiritual information. Urs and Char hold space to explore and connect with yourself and others. Their knowledge and kindness shape this to be a safe and nurturing experience. I could not recommend it more!"

- Samantha Hickey

What you will learn

This six-week course has been developed over many years of teaching mindfulness in Auckland and London. We have helped hundreds of people to establish a long-lasting mental fitness practises. It is based on current leading research from instiututions such as Harvard and Berkley Universities. It stemmed from Zen Buddhist practices which are 2500 years old and are well tested and developed.

During this course you will learn: 

- How to be more present in your day
- The science behind mindfulness and meditation
- How to mediate and work on your mental fitness
- Discover your core values and how to navigate using them
- How to work alongside your inner critical voice
- To be compassionate to yourself and others 

Week one


How present are we in our lives? Our human mind wanders into the past and future scanning for potential threats or problems. This is natural. However, there is a way to train ourselves to be more present, more often.

Week two


Human evolution is a miraculous thing and our brains have had a huge part to play in our species survival. These functions are deep and ancient. Our awareness is now at a point where we are conscious of these automatic responses and we can learn to manage ourselves and change our behaviors, to live a more meaningful and compassionate life.

Week three


Words are powerful, they can make you or they can break you. The most important words are the ones we use with ourselves, on the inside. Everyone has an inner voice, and yes it can be very critical. Let’s learn how to cultivate a positive relationship with the voice inside and develop self-compassion.

Week four


Being in touch with our emotions is a superpower. It helps with self-regulation and self-responsibility. It also helps us to communicate about what we truly need to those around us. The more we work on our mental fitness, the better we are at maintaining mental clarity when consumed with emotions and be less reactive.

Week five


Our brain is like plastic, it can be remoulded, new pathways can be created, old pathways can become obsolete. To understand this is a great motivation for changing our ways of behaving and being. Every time you choose a new action or thought you build that new pathway and it get stronger and easier to access.

Week six


We don’t often take the time to really appreciate the good things about ourselves. However, there is research to suggest that this is very helpful for our mental wellbeing. So love it up, speak kind words about yourself and let your pride flag fly.

One of our recent graduates: 

"Introducing meditation to daily practice helps break down old habits, build new rituals, and open neural pathways. Practising gratitude helps create a higher appreciation for self, entering a flow state of being. Practice doesn't make perfect - It's all about progress"  

- Connor Adams


Guided Meditations to get you started  

You will gain access to our meditation library so you can practice anytime, anywhere. 

Place for Like-Minds

During the course you will gain access to the REMiND community, where you can connect and share with other students.

Key Info

Reduce stress and find clarity.

Practice Presence™ is our six-week introduction to mindfulness program designed to help you cultivate greater self-awareness and presence, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being. 

Dates: To be announced 
Time: Tuesday evenings 6:00pm - 7:00pm NZ Time // 8:00am - 9:00am Amsterdam Time
Location: ONLINE 

Mindfulness Workshop

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