Practice Presence™ - audio

Practice Presence™ - audio

Our minds are chaotic things. We get caught up in planning for the future or ruminating on the past. We often worry about unnecessary things. We race to meet our never-ending demands and pander to the flash of our iPhone, but we are always one step behind, chasing our long-tailed schedules. We are missing out on the beauty of the here and now. We are missing out on our own life. Fortunately, we can train our brains to become more aware, positive and resilient in life's ups and downs. Audio version now available.

Practice Presence™ is for the modern human. It is a six-week mental fitness programme training your mind to become more present. Giving you the tools to unlock clarity and productivity in our modern world. 

After completing Practice Presence™, you will:


- Reduce your stress and anxiety

- Become more present in daily tasks

- Make better decisions

- Build stronger relationships

- Perform better at work

- Improve emotional regulation 

- Increase your social confidence  

- Have greater self-worth

- Increased your energy

- Get better sleep

Just like a physical workout, we can work out our minds in a very similar way. Yep, bicep curls for the brain - it's a thing. The more we train it, the more present we become.


The more present we are, the more conscious we are of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We operate at a higher cognitive level, giving us more energy and more excellent functioning for daily tasks.


“Amazing course. Well researched and equally well presented. Combined science and spirituality to perfection, in a way that is accessible to everyone. Very warm environment conducive to learning and focusing on ones well-being without the usual stress of feeling judged or self-conscious. 10/10 highly recommend.” 

- Sam Dodd

“This course was highly informative, with the right balance of information to apply to every aspect of your life. They have completely opened my mind to the practice of mindfulness, allowing me to think clearer, feel good about myself and appreciate life less busily.”

- Kelly Cameron

“Ursula and Charlotte work together beautifully to demonstrate how everyone can incorporate the practice into our everyday lives to be more mindful, self-compassionate and happier. Explaining why our brains are the way they are and how these practices can help set their course apart from any other. Thank you so much for having me.”

- Anna Boggiss

“Came into the course, unfamiliar with all of these concepts and the general principles. Was really enlightened by smart and relatable teaching and would highly recommend to anyone regardless of how you feel about the idea. Also very impressed by the way Charlotte and Ursula was able to convey the information, in a succinct way that made it easy to interpret and apply. Made it very engaging.”

- John Gordon

What's included

Audio version available only. 


After purchase, you will receive your printed workbook with the access code for your online login. Once you have created your log in, you will recieve your first audio session. Each week, a new audio session will be released, with an email reminder. The course is designed over the six weeks, however you will have access to all the audio and content for three months. 


Week one

How present are we in our lives? Our human mind wanders into the past and future scanning for potential threats or problems. This is natural. However, there is a way to train ourselves to be more present, more often.

Week two

Human evolution is a miraculous thing and our brains have had a huge part to play in our species survival. These functions are deep and ancient. Our awareness is now at a point where we are conscious of these automatic responses and we can learn to manage ourselves and change our behaviors, to live a more meaningful and compassionate life.

Week three

Words are powerful, they can make you or they can break you. The most important words are the ones we use with ourselves, on the inside. Everyone has an inner voice, and yes it can be very critical. Let’s learn how to cultivate a positive relationship with the voice inside and develop self-compassion.

Week four

Being in touch with our emotions is a superpower. It helps with self-regulation and self-responsibility. It also helps us to communicate about what we truly need to those around us. The more we work on our mental fitness, the better we are at maintaining mental clarity when consumed with emotions and be less reactive.

Week five

Our brain is like plastic, it can be remoulded, new pathways can be created, old pathways can become obsolete. To understand this is a great motivation for changing our ways of behaving and being. Every time you choose a new action or thought you build that new pathway and it get stronger and easier to access.

Week six

We don’t often take the time to really appreciate the good things about ourselves. However, there is research to suggest that this is very helpful for our mental wellbeing. So love it up, speak kind words about yourself and let your pride flag fly.

Printed Workbook

Comprehensive workbook with course content and weekly exercises.

Exclusive REMiND Meditation Library 

Get lifetime access to our meditation library so you can practice anytime, anywhere. 

Place for Connection 

Access to the REMiND community page, where you can connect and share with other students.

Key Info

This course is online, at your own pace, with a stunning workbook sent to your door. 

We welcome people from all over the world. 

Total tuition $249 NZD, including GST

Practice Presence™ - audio

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