Practice Presence


Train your brain to thrive in this modern world. 

Next course starts September 1st 2022. 

Life can be stressful and hard, it is a part of our human experience. We go through unexpected changes, we loose the people we love, work stresses us out and we pander to every notification.

There is a lot to mentally manage in our modern world.

Thankfully, people have developed practices to help us manage our wellbeing through this changing life experience. We are able to practise tools that build mind-body resilience. These tools help us find calm, balance, clarity, peace and joy. They deepen our capacity to connect with others and our places. They help us to enjoy being alive. 


Practice Presence is a six-week course designed to help you establish a daily mental fitness practice. It isn't easy, you will need accountability and support but once you have experienced the benefits, you will have the understanding for life. 


Weekly audio lessons, recorded guided meditations and workbook activity.

Week one

Exploring Presence

How present are we in our lives? Our human mind wanders into the past and future scanning for potential threats or problems. This is natural. However, there is a way to train ourselves to be more present, more often.

Week two

Designed for Survival

Human evolution is a miraculous thing and our brains have had a huge part to play in our species survival. These functions are deep and ancient. Our awareness is now at a point where we are conscious of these automatic responses and we can learn to manage ourselves and change our behaviors, to live a more meaningful and compassionate life.

Week three

Our Inner Critic

Words are powerful, they can make you or they can break you. The most important words are the ones we use with ourselves, on the inside. Everyone has an inner voice, and yes it can be very critical. Let’s learn how to cultivate a positive relationship with the voice inside and develop self-compassion.

Week four

Emotional Intelligence

Being in touch with our emotions is a superpower. It helps with self-regulation and self-responsibility. It also helps us to communicate about what we truly need to those around us. It doesn’t always come naturally, however it is something that can be cultivated.

Week five

Changing Habits

Our brain is like plastic, it can be remoulded, new pathways can be created, old pathways can become obsolete. To understand this is a great motivation for changing our ways of behaving and being. Every time you choose a new action or thought you build that new pathway and it get stronger and easier to access.

Week six

Self Appreciation

We don’t often take the time to really appreciate the good things about ourselves. However, there is research to suggest that this is very helpful for our mental wellbeing. So love it up, speak kind words about yourself and let your pride flag fly.


Comprehensive workbook with course content and weekly exercise

Live Meditations

Weekly live meditations from our teachers.


Access to the REMiND community page, where you can connect and share with other students.