BODHi Meditation Cushion


These meditation cushions are intended to inspire and support your daily meditation practice.

Filled with grounded aromatic materials - Hemp, Lavender and Rose - and hand sewn locally, your BODHi cushion is a symbol for restoration and a practical tool to support your body during meditation. 

Build a relationship with it. Take it to garden parties and business meetings. Keep it somewhere special, because it’s for you, anywhere, at any time.

The finer details 

Cover: 100% Linen-Cotton
Inner: 100% Calico filled with Hemp Husk, Lavender and Rose.
Size: 33cm diameter // 15cm high
Weight: 2.5kgs approx
Made in Tāmaki Makaurau


How to use:
Sit on me daily, focus on your breath, the sensations in your body and the sounds around you. When your mind wanders into thoughts, notice and return your attention to the present moment (breath, body, sounds).

In a world governed by dogmatic production and growth, it’s tricky to accept both in yourself, and others, the power of being still. The nature of business hinges on productivity.  We race to meet our never-ending demands, pander to the flash of our i-Phone, but we are always one step behind, chasing our long-tailed schedules. In the cut and thrust of the corporate world, spending time to ourselves, quietly sitting and slowly breathing, isn’t exactly a prescription for working hard.


It may seem impossibly simple, but being still is the foundation for equanimity, discipline and hardwork. From stringent 10 day vipassana, to more intermittent, leisurely practices like REMiND - sitting is key to reducing our stress. It unlocks clarity and productivity in a messy world.  It’s the architecture of all meditation practice. The garlic to our pasta pomodoro. 

So, why don’t we strengthen the way we sit? Why don’t we give it more consideration, time and energy, instead of slouching to the every command of our diary. 


The truth is: meditation can be elusive. It’s hidden behind the starry eyed, bearded guru who fills the air with a bad stench of lofty prophecy and arcane language. Meditation drifts across the sky like a passing cloud, existing out of reach for the everyday person, who is unable to pin it down and apply it to their daily lives. 


We need meditation to come down from the sky and come back to the earth, to be in offices and households, parks and beaches, accessible for everyone, at any time. It needs to be grounded, for all our buttocks to enjoy. 

The BODHI cushion is a touchstone for your meditation practice. It’s the companion in the corner, enticing you to meditate. A tangible, tactile object to inspire you to care for your mind. 


On a functional level, it tells you to lift your hips, adjust your posture, to take weight off your lower legs.  But, like any good companion, it goes deeper helping with more complex personal challenges. It generates a sense of will to practise, a reminder, as well as generating a sense of calmness, a sense of support, and security, elements that are increasingly necessary in modern life. 


Your BODHI cushion is a tonic to the clutter of your physical space. Filled with grounded aromatic materials - hemp, lavender and rose - and hand sewn locally, these cushions are a symbol for restoration in your life. Build a relationship with it. Take it to garden parties and business meetings. keep it somewhere special, because it’s for you anywhere, at any time.

Yang (Black)
Yin (Natural)