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Fit for Work

Fit for Work

This six-week program is designed to enhance mental resilience within your teams and organisation. One of our expert facilitators covers the science behind mindfulness and meditation to create long-lasting change in culture, well-being and working relationships.


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We develop the inner resources of your people. We give your team the mental fitness tools they need to continue to deliver beautiful work and enjoy the process, despite the inevitable challenges of a high-pressure environments.

Keep your staff around

With the ‘great resignation’ looming, and burn out at an all time high, it’s employee satisfaction and happiness that is going to ensure New Zealand businesses have the foundations required for success.

Employee satisfaction and happiness is paramount

The last two years have provided no shortage of chaos. It is becoming increasingly important to be proactive with staff’s ability to manage stress and approach problems creatively, for both employee retention and business optimisation.

Success is achieved through a proactive mental fitness strategy

Over the past 5 years, founders Charlotte Ritchie and Ursula Griffen have been developing a series of courses and workshops with the modern workplace in mind. The sessions are interactive and engaging and help bring long-term change to your organisation.

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