Fit for Work

Fit for Work

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Support your teams in learning the fundamentals of mindfulness, creating a long-lasting change in culture, well-being and working relationships.

Rewire the brain for greater success of your team.

This course is over 6 weeks to help establish long term practices by rewiring the brain. This will improve your teams productivity and ensure a sustainable healthy workplace.

Happy staff is good business


We must work on our mental fitness to live a happy life, both at home and at work. Focusing on the wellbeing of your staff will improve staff retention.

Invest in human capital 


Our people are everything and every organisation is different so we tailor our offerings to suit your needs. Book a call with us or send us an email to get started. 

What's included


Weekly live sessions with our expert coaches, recorded guided meditations and workbook activities. 

Week one

Practicing mindfulness can change our outlook on life. We explore the evolution of the brain and how we can train it to improve performance in daily life and work. Just like our muscles at the gym, we work out the mind. 

Week two

Life can be chaotic, and so can our minds. We learn about the process of the mind, and how we can take strategic pauses to support us in work and daily life. This helps us prevent burnout and overwhelm. 

Week three

The most important practice of life, but one that can be easily missed. We discuss the science behind self-care and explore practices to equip us for not only life's challenges but everyday living at home and at work.

Week four

Our inner critic can be hold us back in all areas of life. Wether it's not feeling like we deserve that promotion, or feel like we failed at a task. We can rewire the way our inner critic communicates, giving us a sense of freedom and ability to perform at our best.

Week five

In order to give ourselves what we need in life, we need to reflect on what we value. True happiness and work satisfaction is embedded in our values.

Week six

Appreciating the good things in life, and all of the beauty in it. When we make this an intentional practice, we are better able to achieve our goals and find our true purpose.


Comprehensive workbook with course content and weekly exercises

Live Practices

Weekly live meditations from our teachers.


Access to the REMiND community page, where you can connect and share with other students.

Key Info

This course is for business teams and runs over a six-week period. We like to begin with a call to understand your unique business needs.

Email us at to get started.