Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking Creativity

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Creativity is much more than putting a paintbrush on paper. Creativity plays a significant role in our day-to-day performance, impacting the depth in which we know ourselves, as well as how we problem-solve, balance our social and emotional well-being and express our personality. Stress and overthinking can cloud our creative potential. Mindfulness helps us to still the mind, come into presence and make space for innovative ideas.

Create the conditions for creativity 

When working with business, if you have an idea or something you need to work through, we will guide your employees through these stages, concerning the concept and mindfulness application.


Help your team reach their creative potential

Stress and overthinking can cloud our creative potential. We seek to empower a culture of collaboration and initiative through creativity. 

Find a creative flow state

We will equip the individual with a set of transferable creative practices to enhance your team in flexibility, fluency and originality. We do this through creative flow state. 

Key Info

These workshops are held in your office or online. 

Starting at $450 we quote based on number of attendees and location. 

Get in touch and support your teams mental fitness.