Brain Waves


Our course teaches young people science-based practices for mental wellbeing. It equips them with a solid tool-kit to help them handle all that life throws at them - and find the beauty while they’re at it.


How it works: 

~ This course is for high school students: 13 - 18yo 

~ Next course starts Term 3 - July 26th 

~ Location in Herne Bay, Auckland

~ Every Tuesday @ 4:00 - 5:30pm 

~ Tuition is $240+gst 

~ Limited class size, register now

Being young isn’t easy

Emotions are haywire, climate change is a real threat, and social media watches everything you do.

Brain training is essential

The brain is under construction, with a highly active stress response. But every brain can be trained to thrive, and the younger we start, the better.

Mindfulness helps

Mindfulness is an investment that sets our youth up with tools to navigate this world with balance, clarity and kindness.


Weekly audio lessons, recorded guided meditations and workbook activity.

Week one

Mindful Me

What is mindfulness? How can it help me?

Week two

Here I Am

DId you know you can train your mind like your muscles at the gym?

Week three

Movie Mind

Why do we think the way that we do? How can we treat ourselves like a good friend?

Week four

All of Me

What are we feeling? What are some tools for managing our emotions?

Week five


How can we focus on the good things about ourselves?

Week six

What’s Good

How can we celebrate and focus on life’s goodness?


Comprehensive workbook with course content and weekly exercise

Live Meditations

Weekly live meditations from our teachers.


Access to the REMiND community page, where you can connect and share with other students.